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A Perfect Sunday Morning in Fremont

Grey’s Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle, and RAIN. Those were all the things I associated with Seattle before my trip there last month. As a total Seattle rookie, I had no idea what my first trip to Washington State would hold. And Fremont – an artistic neighborhood along the Lake Washington Ship canal – had never even entered my brain. But boy, am I glad I discovered this little gem!

When Sunday morning rolled around, my mom and I ventured out of our West Seattle bed and breakfast at 9am (steaming cups of coffee in hand, of course) and hopped on a 15-minute bus ride through the city’s center and over the Aurora Bridge to Fremont.

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Our first stop was the Fremont Sunday Market, or as the locals call it, “The Center of the Universe.” Comprised of nearly 200 vendors with products ranging from vintage cowboy boots to fresh peaches to cannabis-infused coconut oil (yes, that’s an actual thing), this was unlike any flea market I’ve ever been to. The European-style street market opened my eyes to the cultural and artistic diversity of Fremont, but what really did it for me was conversing with the vendors. Each of them had a unique life story and worldview that they were eager to share, and I felt an unexpected surge in curiosity for this neighborhood.

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Suddenly, it was 11am and we rushed to make our brunch reservation at Eve, which thankfully was just two blocks from the Market. My favorite food blogger (shoutout to RachaelsGoodEats!) deemed this place “the best spot in Fremont,” and let me tell you, it may be just that. The picturesque bar and unique decor is totally Insta-worthy, but what really won me over were the scrambled eggs. Yeah, I’m weird right? But I’m telling you, these were LIFE CHANGING – so soft and buttery that I even asked the waitress if there was cheese in them (there isn’t, by the way; somehow they’re just insanely delicious.)

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After a second trip to the Market, my mom and I decided to bike through the neighborhood some more, which is one of my favorite ways to explore a new city. We used the “Limebike” app to rent bikes for $2 an hour and only got lost once! First on our list was the ultimate tourist stop: the Fremont Troll. This massive statue was actually created to enhance the area underneath the bridge (it had become a bit “sketchy”, for lack of a better word). Now, it serves as a popular photographic destination for tourists visiting Fremont. Not a must-see, but definitely entertaining especially if you’re with kids.

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Gas Works Park, on the other hand, is an absolute MUST for anyone visiting Seattle. While the old gasification plant gave the park its name (and got it added to the National Register of Historic Places), the real star of the show is the view of downtown. Locals throughout the city flock here to picnic on the grassy hills, watch the boats and kayaks float by on Lake Union, and enjoy the stunning downtown skyline. I could have stayed here all day!

We eventually rode our bikes across the Aurora Bridge and out of Fremont; through Lake Union Park (where we saw a huge Greenpeace boat!) and all the way through downtown until we got to Pike Place Market. Our morning/ early afternoon in Fremont turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip, and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Seattle – even if it’s just for an hour or so. The arts and culture scene is truly iconic and not something you see every day!

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