Hi everyone!

My name is Crosby and I travel the world full-time while working remotely as a digital marketing freelancer and travel content creator.

I’m extremely passionate about location independence and full-time travel, so I create content to help other freedom-seekers build their dream life from anywhere in the world!


After a few experiences in the corporate world, I quickly realized the traditional path wasn’t for me. I started exploring other options and immediately became obsessed with digital nomadism and location independence. My ultimate dream is to travel the world while earning a remote income, be my own boss, and live a life of freedom. So that’s exactly what I’m doing – making that dream a reality. 

I launched my freelance business in 2019 as a senior in college, and since then, I’ve gone on three USA road trips, traveled through Peru for a month, and am now hiking my way through Colorado – all while working remotely!


In addition to writing blog posts about working remotely on the road, traveling to epic locations, and building a life of freedom, I also post daily adventures and remote work tips on my Instagram and YouTube!

If you’re serious about going remote and living your dream life, subscribe to my monthly newsletter where I share exclusive tips, resources, and opportunities for current and aspiring remote workers. I’m so glad you’re here!