Hi everyone!

I’m Crosby, a Tampa native in my senior year at Elon University. Apart from exploring and learning about new cultures and people, I’m passionate about creating a life that is healthy, sustainable and meaningful; a life that pushes me out of bed in the morning to enhance the world around me. 

My ultimate goal is to be location-independent, passionate about my job, and able to travel full-time while making an income. Once it’s safe to travel again, you can find me backpacking through Southeast Asia making videos, writing blog posts, and creating a career that aligns with the lifestyle I want to live.


Why am I here?

My ultimate goal is for this blog is to inspire you to build a meaningful life in alignment with your values and dreams. As I create my own career path that allows me to be location independent AND spark my creative fire, I’m going to take you with me and hopefully inspire you along the way!

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If you are interested in a collaboration please contact me by email: crosbygrace1@gmail.com.