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40+ High-Paying Freelance Jobs For Beginners

So you want to become a freelancer but are unsure where to start? I got you.

The first thing to do as a beginner freelancer is to identify your niche in order to attract the right jobs and clients.

Rather than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, freelancers should strive to be as niche as possible. Clients want to hire someone who is an expert rather than a generalist, so make sure to market yourself accordingly.

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To help you narrow down your niche, I put together a list of 40+ high-paying freelance jobs that are perfect for beginners. Whether you’re skilled in digital marketing, writing, design, or web development, there is bound to be a job here for you. Let’s get into it!

40+ High-Paying Freelance Jobs For Beginners

Digital Marketing Freelance Jobs

This broad category of high-paying freelance jobs is hiring like crazy right now. Think about it – virtually every business either has or needs an online presence. If you’re skilled at social media or online marketing, then consider one of these freelance jobs.

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high-paying freelance jobs

Social Media Manager – In charge of overseeing and running the client’s social media account(s). This may include writing and scheduling posts, managing giveaways, setting up new pages/ accounts/ groups, etc.

Social Media Strategist – Crafts and implements the strategic plan behind a social media account to achieve the client’s business goals.

Content Marketer – Plans, creates and publishes content with the goal of attracting prospective clients and converting them into customers.

Community Manager – Facilitates online conversations, replies to comments and DMs, guides actions in Facebook/ LinkedIn groups, etc.

Lead Generator – Generates business leads by attracting potential customers, creating sales funnels, and nurturing relationships until they’re ready to buy.

Brand Strategist – Develops and enhances a brand’s tone and voice, creative elements, and how the brand resonates with the target market.

Brand Consultant – Analyzes brands’ online platforms for brand cohesion and provides recommendations for better optimization.

Email Marketing Specialist – Builds email lists, develops email campaigns, and creates automated messages to nurture relationships and increase business leads.

Online Advertising Specialist – Sets up, implements, and adjusts social media/ Google advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing Specialist – Increases website traffic and business leads through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, and pay-for-inclusion.

Market Researcher – Conducts primary and secondary research on a business’s competitors, customers, and industry in order to determine the demand and optimal price for a product or service.

E-Commerce Specialist – Helps online retailers sell their product on Shopify through email marketing, social media advertising, and any other medium the client desires. This freelancer must be highly skilled with Shopify and e-commerce marketing in general.

Graphic Design Freelance Jobs

Aesthetically-pleasing designs and digital graphics are essential for businesses in today’s digitally-focused world, and people will pay top-dollar for these types of services. Here are 11 websites to find freelance job openings.

(Note: if you’re an artist but want to enhance your digital skills, check out these free educational sites.)

high-paying freelance jobs

Logo/ Icon Design – Specializes in designing logos and other branded icons for businesses.

Print Designer – Skilled at designing flyers, brochures, posters, and other print promotional material.

Vector Illustrator – Designs and creates branded, digital illustrations that are often placed on a company’s website or online promotional materials.

Social Media Graphic Designer – Creates graphics specifically optimized for social media platforms (ie. social media advertisements, cover photos, Instagram graphics, etc.)

Infographic Designer – Constructs informative visualizations of data to be published online. This type of work is in high demand right now and companies often pay higher rates for this service.

Digital Artist – Produces complex and creative works of digital art on Adobe, Apple Pencil, or another digital platform based on the client’s vision and goals.

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Freelance Writing Jobs

These jobs are extremely popular for beginner freelancers. You can find tons of listings for freelance writing gigs on UpWork and We Work Remotely.

high-paying freelance jobs

Article Writer – Writes articles for newspapers, magazines, company/ university websites, etc. on a regular or ad hoc basis. Typically, the articles will focus on a particular niche or industry.

Guest Blogger – Composes blog posts for another person’s blog in order to increase the volume of content they push out, bring in a new perspective, and encourage traffic to your own site.

Ghost Writer – Creates blog posts and/ or articles from the perspective of the client. You will not be given public credit for the article; it will appear as if the company wrote the article itself.

Copywriter – Crafts catchy phrases, slogans, and general advertising language to help brands sell their product/ service. These phrases are often placed on advertisements, websites, and product packaging.

Content Writer – This type of freelancer writes a wide variety of content for the web, including copy for emails/ newsletters, social media captions, website pages, and eBooks.

Fiction Writer – Writes fictional pieces such as poems, narratives, and short stories for clients. The rate depends on the length and content type of the piece.

SEO Writer – Specializes in writing web content that optimizes pages for SEO, making them appear higher in search engines.

Editor – Edits written content for flow, cohesion, formatting, grammar/ spelling, and overall effectiveness before a piece is published.

Proofreader – Focuses on fixing the mechanical errors of written content such as grammar/ spelling, inconsistencies in the format/ style, typos, and awkward page/ word breaks.

Resume and Cover Letter Writer – Helps students and job seekers write effective resumes and cover letters.

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Videography and Photography Freelance Jobs

If you can work a camera or edit on Adobe like a pro, then consider pursuing one of these high-paying freelance jobs. Note that it is vital to have a specific niche and an online portfolio in order to land long-term clients.

high-paying freelance jobs

Videographer – Films raw video footage for a particular project, whether it be a commercial, documentary, YouTube video, or TV show. Videographers should always have a niche in order to attract a certain clientele.

Photographer – Similar to a videographer, freelance photographers capture many types of images based on the client’s project. Some examples of photography niches are product, nature, action, headshots, and animals.

Video Editor – Crafts a cohesive video by cutting, splicing, and meshing the raw b-roll together in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Photo Editor – Edits raw images in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop in order to create a branded look or entirely new image.

Web Development & SEO Freelance Jobs

These are some of the highest-paying freelance jobs out there. Not only is web development and SEO in extremely high demand, but there are not as many freelancers specializing in these areas as there are in social media or writing. If you want to learn a new skill and earn more money, consider these areas.

high-paying freelance jobs

Web Designer – Designs and builds websites in accordance with the client’s specifications.

WordPress Expert – Provides assistance and guidance to clients with a WordPress site.

Coder/ Programmer – Develops software, applications, or computer systems based on the client’s needs. This is a highly profitable freelance job.

SEO Specialist – Helps clients optimize their online content for Google and other search engines.

SEO Auditor – Conducts website audits to determine what a company is doing well and how it can improve when it comes to ranking high in search engines.

Backlinking and Outreach – Focuses on getting a client’s website linked on other sites in order to drive traffic from more places.

Virtual assistant

This type of freelancer is essentially a remote executive assistant. They often help executives or other leaders with ad hoc tasks such as answering emails, scheduling appointments, and making phone calls. Some specific virtual assistant jobs are as follows.

Administrative Assistant – Helps an individual with administrative tasks such as maintaining and updating their calendar, creating presentations, and ordering items/ services for an event.

Transcriber – Translates or listens to recorded speeches and types it out in a written format.

Data Entry – Types important information such as medical records, inventories, and potential hirees into a spreadsheet or other data entry software.

Bookkeeper – Tracks and manages cash flow in order to keep payroll and financial issues updated and organized.

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