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How To Make Money Online: 5 Profitable Methods For Beginners

If you want to make money online but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place!

We are living in an era where almost everything can be done remotely. Why choose to sit in a dark corporate office when you could be working from your laptop wherever the heck you want?!

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Remote work is the future, and in this article, I’m going to give you five long-lasting ways you can make an income from your computer.

make money online for beginners

The difference between this article and many others on the Internet is that there are zero “get rich quick” schemes. These methods will not only bring you financial abundance, but they can sustain you for decades to come.

If you’re ready to learn how you can really make money online, even if you’re a beginner, then keep on reading!

How To Make Money Online For Beginners

1. Blogging

What was once just a creative outlet or an after-work hobby has transformed into a profitable career path that can make upwards of 6 figures.


Yep – you heard me! Blogging is an awesome way to make money online and write about something you love.

But it does take a bit of work to actually begin monetizing your blog. First, you have to narrow down your niche, identify your target audience, and publish a few blog posts on your website. After that, you can start monetizing.

make money online for beginners

Here are the most common ways to make money on a blog as a beginner:

  1. Affiliate marketing is when you get a commission for helping to sell a third-party product or service. Here are 3,000 high-paying affiliate programs you can sign up for that will help you make passive income with every blog post.
  2. Sponsored posts are articles that a company or individual pays you to write in order to promote their product or service. While this can be a great source of revenue, it’s critical that sponsors align with your brand and values. You want to be as genuine as possible with sponsored content, so make sure you actually believe in what you’re saying. Here is a great article on how to make money with sponsors.
  3. Ad revenue comes from display ads or cost-per-click (CPC) ads on your blog pages that brands pay to put on your site.

Now in order to bring in substantial revenue with these tactics, you’re going to need READERS. Without people coming to your site and consuming your content, it’s very difficult to make any income. So make sure you’re optimizing posts for SEO, promoting them on social media, and building an email list.

If you’re serious about making money through your blog, I highly recommend HerPaperRoute’s Blog Monetization Course. I took this myself and it completely transformed the way I approach blogging!


2. Freelancing

One of the most common ways to make money online for beginners is to offer freelance service to an individual or business. This is one of the first ways I started making money online and I still do it to this day!

how to find freelance clients
Check out my blog post all about finding your first freelance clients.

You can become a freelancer in pretty much any industry – from IT to accounting to project management – and can increase your hourly and project rates over time. Depending on your expertise and industry, freelancers can earn between five and six figures. It just requires diligence, confidence, and constant learning.

As a freelancer, you make your own hours, choose who you work for, and decide what services you will offer. You are also in charge of putting money aside for insurance and retirement. Freelancers usually do not get benefits since they are self-employed and not tied to a company.

If you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer, check out the following resources:

  1. My Free Freelance Proposal Blueprint to help you secure high-paying clients
  2. A list of freelance jobs that are perfect for beginners
  3. My article on How To Become A Freelancer With No Experience
  4. My article on How To Find Freelance Clients As A Beginner

3. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is an extremely simple and low-cost form of e-commerce – perfect for beginners trying to make money online.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of drop shipping, let’s do a quick e-commerce review.

make money online for beginners

Shopify defines “e-commerce” as “the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.” And since the first online sale in 1994, this industry has taken off at an outrageous speed.

Right now, 14% of all retail sales are coming from online stores, and this number is increasing rapidly. Experts predict that 95% of all purchases – that’s right, ALL purchases – will be done via e-commerce by the year 2040.

Clearly e-commerce has huge financial potential, but drop shipping is the best way for beginners to make money online without a huge initial investment.

What Exactly Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a Direct-To-Consumer business model where you purchase products from a third party who ships the products directly to the consumer. The seller (you) does not own any inventory or pay for a storage warehouse. The supplier is in charge of storing and shipping the product to the consumer.

A drop shipping business requires three main components:

  1. An online storefront to display products
  2. A supplier to manage inventory, store products in a warehouse, and ship out the orders
  3. The customers (and their credit cards)

make money online for beginners

Drop shopping is a great way to make money online as a beginner because you don’t have to pay for overhead costs like storage and shipping. All you have to do is find your ideal product (Alibaba is a great place to start), set up a branded storefront, and market your products to your target market.

If you’re interested in creating this type of business, sign up for the ultimate Drop Shipping Course for only $7! All you have to do it use the code DROP60 at checkout to get access to this value-packed course.

4. Selling Digital Products

Another way to make money online for beginners is to sell digital products. Depending on your expertise and audience demand, this type of remote work has massive monetary potential.

make money online for beginners

Some examples of digital products are eBooks, video courses, webinars, plug-ins, templates, and the list goes on. These products are usually created in tandem with an existing website or online presence and are tailored to the needs of your audience.

For example, a Pinterest marketing expert might develop a video course on how to increase web traffic via Pinterest for $157. Think about how much they would earn if 100 people purchased their course. THAT’s the potential that digital products have for bringing in revenue online!

5. Working a Remote 9-5 Job

The final way to make money online for beginners is to work remotely for a company in a traditional 9-5 job.

make money online for beginners

As our world becomes more and more digitally-focused, opportunities for remote jobs are skyrocketing in every industry.

If you’re someone who wants the stability and benefits of a corporate job but the freedom of working remotely, this could be the perfect option for you.

Start your remote job search with these websites:

The only caveat to working a remote 9-5 is that your team and/ or boss may require you to stay in a specific time zone. This does limit your freedom a tad, but every job is different.


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