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The Best Tapas Dishes To Try in Spain

I vividly remember the first time I ordered tapas in Seville... it was a disaster! The second I laid my eyes on the enormous menu, I felt the stress building. The unfamiliar names, weird portion sizes, and incredibly low prices were all throwing me off. My Spanish knowledge got me through the translation part, but I… Continue reading The Best Tapas Dishes To Try in Spain

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How to Spend the Day in Córdoba: What To See, Eat & Do!

At 8:45 AM this past Saturday morning – camera and tostada in hand – I hopped on a 2-hour bus ride through rolling hills and rural towns to the one and only Córdoba, Spain. I have been DYING to visit this small yet historically rich city, and found it to be the perfect day trip… Continue reading How to Spend the Day in Córdoba: What To See, Eat & Do!

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3 Days in Seville: The Perfect Itinerary for First Timers

Before moving to Seville, Spain for the semester, I pictured a small city with a few historic spots, tapas bars and flamenco shows. But I had no idea just how massive in size and rich in culture Seville truly is. Experiencing the unique Sevillano culture in just three days is a challenge, but often that’s all the […]

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Weekend Recap: Lagos, Portugal

The first of my many weekend trips was spent with five friends in the one and only Lagos, Portugal! After two weeks of an intensive Spanish class and a two hour final exam on Friday, I practically fell out of my chair and onto the bus to Lagos. I had been daydreaming about this beach… Continue reading Weekend Recap: Lagos, Portugal

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The Best Spots in Hyde Park Village

Leisurely strolls with the dog; teens posing in front of street murals; couples walking arm in arm… I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Hyde Park Village that makes you just want to sit on a bench and soak in your surroundings. If you’re from Tampa, you’ll know exactly what I mean.… Continue reading The Best Spots in Hyde Park Village