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Let me guess –

You’re sick of your current existence. You want more to life than a stuffy cubicle, hours of commuting every single day, and 10 vacation days a year. You’re done revolving your life around an office. You’re craving the freedom and flexibility of remote work, but…

You have no idea where to start.

It was because of YOU that I poured my heart and soul into a guide that would eliminate all fear, doubt, and uncertainty when it comes to launching your remote career.

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Hey there, I’m Crosby!

I travel the world full-time while working remotely as a digital marketing freelancer and travel content creator. I’m extremely passionate about location independence and full-time travel, so I create content to help other freedom-seekers build their dream life from anywhere in the world!


Since I started my remote career as a full-time college student, I’ve gone on three USA road trips, traveled through Peru for a month, and am now hiking my way through Colorado – all while working remotely!

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